Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yo No Escupo

I saw this during the Newell's/Tigre game and wondered what it was in reference to. Rosario Central fired coach Pablo Sanchez some time last week and he had made comments after his last game in charge that some of the hincha had spat at him as he left the field. Is it any wonder the Central fans are known as Los Canallas (The Scoundrels)?

Oh, happy days for we Leprosos, as we seem to have found a savior of a coach in Gamboa, and Central continue to flounder.


Jeremy said...

Nice, I totally didn't see that during the game. Those three points this season may not only mean bragging rights in Rosario, but in Argentina as well.

David said...

We'll see about that. Remember last season? Which was it, that Central only won one game, the Apertura or the Clausura... and it was against Newell's.

El Clásico Rosarino is always best approached with dread and celebrated when won. For that matter as much as I like seeing them suffer, I'd rather Central not get relegated. Right now they are in the zone to have to go into the playoffs.

Jeremy said...

I think they'll pull it out. There are a lot of fragile teams above them and they still have the Clausura to go. Which is good, I guess, since a season without the clasico wouldn't be the same. Who would we hate?

Jeremy said...

I just checked the relegation standings and they are 16th right now, one out of the playoff places. They just signed Gustavo Alfaro to take over. Interesting.

David said...

Central are actually tied for 16-17th place in the relegation standing right now. Both RC's (Central and Racing Club) have a total of 101 point over 85 games.

Leila said...

"Yo no escupo"
I saw that during the game, and oh boy did my father start laughing out loud!!!