Monday, December 15, 2008

Ding Dong The Rat Bastard's Gone

Guillermo Lorente and the MOLE crew entered the offices of Newell's to take charge, only to find the place to have been cleared of all it's computers. I don't know the laws of the land, I don't claim to even no the laws of the land I'm living in, but if charges can't be brought up on the Ratopez for the theft of team equipment then something else must be done.

No word as yet as to the state of the team's bank account, but it would not surprise me if Ratopez took care of that as well.

Good news is that the current administration is doing their best to keep Gamboa on as coach, with Gustavo Dezotti, the team's new manager, holding talks with Fernando. Considering that Marcello Bielsa was in town for the election, I'm also hoping that he had time enough after casting his vote to track down and have a word with Gamboa as well.

Once the coaching situation is cleared up, one way or another, and the computers replaced, it will be time to deal with the January transfer season. I certainly hope the the nucleus of the current side can be maintained, supplemented with some solid acquisitions to bolster the team in areas that were lacking during the Apertura.

If, however, my fears are proven accurate, that won't be possible. Let us now all pray that I am wrong, and Ratopez forgot to clean out the bank.

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Anonymous said...

Lopez will pay, already pay becouse he won't steal any more. He thought he could stay for ever. But we kicked him out, now is ours time, you'll se how far we going to go. This is amaizing people is happier than ever, my son lives in Rosario, he said everybody is happy like a championship winning.


Pepe Lepra