Saturday, May 23, 2009

Los Cuervos Taken Down

Newell's entired this game with 17 points to San Lorenzo's 18. With the game being played at their Nuevo Gasómetro one would expect the advantage to be in the hands (or feet) of El Ciclon. La Lepra had other ideas.

I'm not going to lie here, this was not the best game that Newell's have played during the Clausura, but I'll certainly take the 2-0 away win. In fact San Lorenzo held most of the possession during game, they had over twice as many corners (11-5,) but they simply didn't manage to convert, and Newell's defense held them to few opportunities.

Newell's, however, made the most of their chances. Sperdutti, playing in Formica's place (still out injured,) did well enough. In fact, it was Mauricio who pounced on the loose ball to score the first goal of the game during the 48th minute in the second half after a bit of a scrabble following a strong shot from Alejandro Da Silva.

Da Silva later managed to score the final goal off a header right at the goal line. San Lorenzo's keeper, Hilario Navarro, couldn't quite collect a short headed cross from Schiavi, and the Paraguayan made no mistake as he followed the ball into the back of the net.

All in all, this win nearly makes up for all the games Newell's has either lost or settled for a draw while out playing their opponents. Now, with any luck Huracan will do us a favor and beat Central... this win did, after all, put Newell's one point ahead of Sinas in the standings.

Next up, Arsenal de Sarandí, currently in dead last place with only 13 point over 15 games. With 4 games to go, each must be considered a must win as Newell's are fighting for a Copa position.

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