Thursday, June 4, 2009

Costa Rica 3 USA 1

Marvell Wynne getting the start at rightback? On the road? Beasley playing left back again? Shear madness is what I say.

Wynne is good going forward, but is a liability defensively. Unless they had players to cover for him, it isn't worth the risk. Same can be said for Beasley on the left. Playing both of them? Fah...

Once again the US suffered from playing direct passes and waiting for the ball to come to them, rather than passing into space and moving to the ball. It hurts me to say that, because in recent games they'd shown signs of breaking that habit.

CR, on the other hand, passed into open spaces, and took advantage of the US defensive weaknesses. Where the US players tried to dribble through defenders, CR dribbled around the US defense.

The only player on the field to show any kind of quality play for the US was Michael Bradley, and now, with that yellow he saw in the second half, he'll miss the next game against Honduras.

Howard played well enough, but with the lack of support from his defense... he may as well have had his back to a brick wall, facing a firing squad. Simply put, the US played flatfooted, and deserved to lose this game.

Funny thing is, I enjoyed watching the US team get taken apart while watching the game, but writing about it after words has me pissed off... yes, deep down I'd like to see the US team become a true power in the world of futbol. So long as they play games like they did tonight, it isn't going to happen.

Once I find video highlights, I will of course post them as per usual.

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