Monday, July 6, 2009

Vélez Sarsfield Foul Champions

With one game to go, there was only 2 teams that were in a position to win the Clausura 2009, leaders Huracán, and Vélez, who were a mere point behind. As fate would have it the two teams faced each other in their final game, with Vélez acting as host.

The game featured a 20+ minute delay as a storm rained hail down onto the field during the first half. Then there was the goal that was called for offsides that would have put Huracán in the lead. From all accounts it was a debatable call.

There was a wonderful penalty save by Monzon, Huracán's keeper. But that isn't what has inspired me to post about this game. No, it's the goal scored by Vélez to win the Clausura, or rather the foul that should have been called just before the goal, but wasn't.

Rather than describe the scene, here's a video of the play:

Now Larrivey isn't the first to nearly castrate an opposing player, accidentally or not. There was Wayne Rooney in the 2006 World Cup:

And then there was perhaps the worst day in Newell's Old Boys' history, November 27th, 1997:

The difference is, of course, that Rooney and Paris both received red cards. Larrivey may as well have been given an assist on the resulting goal. While their at it, may as well give an assist to the Referee for not calling the foul as well.

It's bad enough that Vélez are champions (I really can't stand them,) but to know that they won in this fashion? Charles Manson deserves his freedom more than Vélez deserve this title.

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