Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Racing Club Fall As Newell's Win Third In A Row

Juan Insaurralde scored off a corner turned pinball game... I swear every Lepra in the area touched the ball at least once as it was headed about until it finally passed the goal line for Newell's 1-0 victory over (pause) you know I'd say struggling, but how can you say that Racing Club are struggling when they've been playing this way for, well, how long now?

I couldn't watch this game, as I was at work, so I can't say much about it. Sánchez Prette received a red card in the 77th minute. I'm not sure if it was direct, as he was already on a yellow from earlier in the game. The only silver lining there is that it means that Formica will no doubt be starting come Sunday's game at Tigre.

Below is the video of the intense pinball action, er, Insaurralde's goal.

Going back to the win over Vélez Sarsfield, Leandro Somoza, who plays in the midfield for that team, is bitching about referee Javier Collado. Collado it seems influenced the out come of the match. I can't blame Leandro for complaining, really, as Collado called an absolutely terrible match. Thing is, if he was trying to influence the result, why toss Sensini out of the match? Or card Peratta? Or card Achucarro for diving, when a similar situation in the first half saw the Vélez forward unpunished?

I've heard two thoughts on Peratta's yellow. One, of course, was left in a comment by Jeremy, is that he was mouthing off. The other was suggested by Aine, a fellow Lepra Facebooker, who put forth the idea that Peratta may be the first keeper to be booked for wasting time while his team was lossing. In either case, the card was rather arbitrary. I did happen to look away from the game when the ball went out for the goal kick, but only for a second or two. When I looked back, Collado was approaching the keeper, reaching for the yellow card.

Sure, there was Formica's hand ball that could have been called for a penalty, but that, along with a dozen other bad calls during the game, only proves that Collado is incompetent. So, Somoza, if you wish to complain, take a number and get in line. If there is anyone who's happy with Collado as a referee, they belong in a straitjacket.

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