Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Speaking From The Heart - Confessions Of A Formica Fanatic

As those who have been following this blog know, I am a big fan of Mauro "Gato" Formica. As far as I'm concerned, he was screwed out of a position in the starting 11 during the first few games, when Newell's were playing long balls from the back to the forwards, bypassing the midfield entirely. With that style of play there simply was no reason to be playing a playmaking midfielder to begin with. It's no wonder that Formica didn't look good in these games. It's hard to impress when your not getting the ball.

So, "Gato" is out, and in comes Cristian Sánchez Prette, just in time for Sensini to realize that maybe playing long balls all the time isn't the way to go. Sánchez Prette has played will, and I can't complain about him being included in the lineup. I'd just prefer Formica.

Well, Mauro is quite capable of playing as a striker as well. But Achucarro has been playing well, which would be the logical switch, so... I suggested Formica be played rather than Boghossian. Boghossian is, physically, the definition of the traditional No 9. The man is huge, standing 6'5", and weighing in at 176 lbs (194 cm, 80 kg.) Mauro is no were near that, at 5'10", and 163 lbs (176 cm, 74 kg.)

Thing is, Boghossian has failed to impress me... well, other than his heading ability. While I can't claim to have seen every minute of every game he's played, what I have seen of Bogho has been a player that can't pass, and every shot he's taken that wasn't a header was straight at the opposing keeper.

Further more, I suppose there's an argument to keep Formica out of the starting line up. One of the things I noticed during the recent game he started in place of Achucarro, who was off playing for Paraguay, was that every time Mauro had the ball he was soon fouled. Often violently (well, short of card-able offenses, but still.) Also, "Gato" is still young. At 21 years old he has plenty of time to continue to develop his game, and work his way back to claiming the role he had during the Clausura. But for now the best player on the team will have to settle for coming on as a sub, and getting the occasional start.


Jeremy said...

Ahhh the problems of a coach. Boghossian is young, too and will hopefully catch on as time goes by.

The thing about Formica is he can't play the 9 and NOB has lacked one for a while.

Achucarro brings skill and experience to the table, and is in good form.

Prette is the one to look at. He has experience on his side as well, and, while I may not be quite the Formica fan you are I do think he is the future of the enganche at Newell's, he is prone to disappear as well. He is still too hot or cold to beat out Achucarro or Prette.

Sensini seems to be doing a good job of getting him in games where he can make a difference, so his future this season is spot starter and suplente.

Unless Newell's wants to debut the vaunted 3-3-2-2 with the same back line and three defensive mids, with el Gato and Prette in attacking roles.

Of course, with Velez up next, it just makes sense to run out the same 11 that beat Estudiantes, so Mauro continues on the bench for now.

Jeremy said...

I just saw in La Capital that Favale is going to be the ref at Velez.