Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fall Of Lopez - Moreno y Cordoba 19hs

It's been almost a year sense Eduardo "Rat" Lopez was removed as the president of Newell's Old Boys, but the memories of his dictatorship, and his fall to La Gente, are still vivid in our minds. In the wake of these memories comes a short video history of the fall of Lopez, entitled "MORENO y CORDOBA 19HRS - La Historia De Una Revolución."

Here the link to the facebook fan group, for those who would like to join:
Moreno y Cordoba 19hs

I am hoping that there is even more to this than what we see in the posted video, that this is just a preview to an hour or two long production that would cover not only the fall of Lopez, but his entire history at Newell's. I know I, for one, would love to own a copy of such on DVD, provided it was in a format that would work with my player. If that is true, I'm not seeing it in any of the material presented, but as I've stated many time, my Spanish isn't what it could be.

I'm also curious as to what Tolo Gallego might have to say about his time under Lopez today. Gallego was the coach for the last Newell's team to win a championship, the Apertura 2004. At that time I knew nothing about Lopez, and when Tolo quit the club after winning the title, I was angry with him. When I later learned about the dictatorship, I was not only no longer mad at Tolo, but happy that he was able to escape the situation.

At the time, Tolo said he wanted to coach in Europe, but there were no takers. Instead he ended up taking Toluca to a Mexican League championship, then a spell with Tigres of Mexico, before returning this year to Argentina to take over a struggling Independiente. Would he stick to that story today?

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