Thursday, November 19, 2009

Round And Round We Go... So Who's Gonna Play Now?

As the week has progressed, Newell's Old Boys expected lineup for Sunday has changed. Schiavi may end up playing after all, but now Vangioni is in doubt. Three more days to get though, three more days of worry. Schiavi says he's ready... but is he really? Will Vangioni be fit to play? And what if Achucarro, due back at the club tomorrow, returns with a knock or two?

Here's what we're looking at:

Sebastián Peratta; Alexis Machuca, Schiavi or Fideleff, Juan Insaurralde; Nahuel Roselli, Lucas Bernardi, Hugo Barrientos, Vangioni or Juan Quiroga; Mauro Formica; Jorge Achucarro, Joaquín Boghossian.

Meanwhile, Newell's president Guillermo Lorente met with Central's Horacio Usandizaga along with the mayor of Rosario Miguel Lifschitz in an attempt to unite the city. "We want a celebration for all of Rosario, the Hincha must know that this is just a futbol match, and that the true spectacle should remain on the pitch," Lorente was quoted as saying (per my translation... thank you Babelfish for the basics.) Usandizaga stated that the most important thing is that the match proceed with out violence.

I admire the thoughts, and do hope the match is with out incident, but wonder if it is really possible. Lorente has done well in clearing the Barras Bravas from La Lepra's fold, but I can't say that his work is done, and have not a clue as to the situation with SINAS and their lot.

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