Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Maxi

Nothings official, but former Newell's Old Boy Maxi Rodriguez may be returning to play in Argentina. Well, if he either agrees to a pay cut, or Boca Juniors, the team interested in taking the the midfielder on loan, can come up with the money to pay his salary that is. Making it easier for Boca is that Atletico Madrid are willing to loan him to the club with out asking for a fee.

Maxi wants to play for his country at next years World Cup in South Africa, and to do so needs to be competing as a front line player, something that he hasn't been doing in Spain this season. In fact Atletico were hoping to unload the player on a transfer, but haven't found a taker. Boca Jrs have not been impressive of late, and Rodriguez would certainly be a player who could help them. The loan, if the details can all be worked out, would seem to be ideal for all three parties.

Personally, I want Maxi on the Albicelestes for the World Cup, seeing him back in Argentina would be great. Thing is, I saw the headlines of him joining Boca and every bone, every fiber in my body screamed "NO!" My soul pleads "why not come back to Newell's?" even while my brain tells me that the club simply does not have the resources to make such a move possible.

But Maxi, if some one should just happen to bring up the subject, if the deal with Boca fails to work out... think about it. Newell's were so close to winning a title during the Apertura in which one of their weakest positions was the right side of midfield, your position. They've qualified for the Copa Libertadores, Boca haven't. Wouldn't playing in the Copa enhance your chances of convincing Maradona to select you for the big stage?

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