Sunday, December 20, 2009

Watching The Transfer Countdown

With the January transfer window looming, there is already talk of who wants whom, who's not going to go, and what is needed for the coming months on the tips of tongues through out the world. At Newell's Old Boys, it's no different. Question is, what to believe amongst all the clamor.

So far, Lorente has made the statement that the team will hold on to Boghossian for as long as possible. That's good news, as finding a way to replace his goal scoring would be difficult, to say the least. River Plate made inquires about obtaining Juan Insaurralde, and there are rumors of a team in Chile being interested in Schiavi. But, no, the team has issued a statement that neither are available. These two are absolutely essential to La Lepra defense, so it should take a huge offer to see them go.

According to the same press release mentioned above, Sensini is looking for another defensive midfielder, as well as an enganche (attacking midfielder.) Barrientos did well enough filling in for Diego Mateo, but if the team is to compete on both the Clausura 2010, and the 2010 Copa Libertadores, well, we either need a healthy Mateo, or someone better than Barrientos.

As for the enganche, well, Mauro Fórmica is a wonderful player, but apparently Sánchez Prette was injured during training when he was serving his 5 match suspension due to his second red card of the Apertura. That means the team needs another player who can play this position on the chance that Mauro miss a match or more for whatever reason.

To bring in any players, the team will need to sell at least one, and the name that was mentioned is Leonel Vangioni. Vangioni is probably the most marketable player on the team, a solid midfielder with two dangerous feet, the fact that he plays on the left side only makes him worth that much more. He's not brilliant, mind you, but he is consistent, I don't think I've ever seen him have a bad game. I'd rather not see him go, but any players I wouldn't mind seeing go wouldn't get the team much money to work with to pay for the reinforcements it needs to play on two fronts... which they will hopefully do for some time.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, December 22nd, the team will hold a ceremony to rename it's stadium. No longer will it be call El Coloso de la Parque Independencia, but instead it will be rechristened after the team's most successful coach, Marcelo Bielsa. Just as well, I say, as the current name mirrors too closely with El Gigante de Arroyito, the stadium of rivals Rosario Central. According to rumors Lionel Messi may be in attendance.

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