Monday, January 25, 2010

All Guns Loaded

Up until now, I'd been hearing that Newell's would be treating the Copa Libertadores as unimportant, and while this may still be the case, the line up that Sensini presented to the media says otherwise.

Making his debut will be Augustin Alayes, acquired from Estudiantes over the break. Returning from injuries are Roland Schiavi, and Diego Mateo. All the main players from the Apertura are still with the team (a near miracle, all things considered.) I look at the following list of players, and all I can think is that, if they play up to their capabilities, and can go the Clausura with out any major injuries, we should be able to compete with anyone they are likely to face in the coming months.

Sebastián Peratta
Agustín Alayes, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Manuel Insaurralde
Nahuel Roselli, Lucas Bernardi, Diego Mateo, Leonel Vangioni
Mauro Formica
Jorge Achucarro, Joaquín Boghossian

Now, look at these players yourself, and tell me... do you really thing Emelec are going to know what hit them?


Ignacio said...

Great lineup!! It remember me to Bielsa´s times.

Jeremy said...

That's a strong lineup, but the season hasn't started yet, either. This is a good test in a real game environment. Sensini should trot out a stong lineup for the return match, as well. He's looking for a big win at home to make the second leg a bit of a formality.

Getting to the group stages is the goal, I think. Getting out of them is a bonus.

Once the season starts, we'll see if they keep up with the strong lineup in the Copa.

I hope they don't roll over in the Copa. I'd love to see them make the knockouts.