Saturday, January 2, 2010

Check Defender Off The Shopping List

Appears Newell's is making their January transfer purchases quickly as 31 year old defender Agustín Alayes was announced as the team's second acquisition, and first of the new year. What's surprising about this is that Colo Colo of Chile had turned the player down due to a swollen knee. In fact, the defender only managed to play in three matches during the Apertura.

This sounds like a gamble, but Alayes is a quality defender. He has been one of the reasons that Estudiantes have been so sound defensively over the last few season. If the knee can hold up, or heal up even better, he should help the cause.


PuraAbarca said...
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David Phillips said...

I, as a rule, will not delete comments, no matter how rude they may be. The posted comment above was not deleted for the comment it's self, but for the link that it hide, which appears to have been to an Asian porn site.

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