Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saying All The Right Things

Newell's Old Boys coach Roberto Sensini has talked about how he's happy with the way training and the warm up matches are going during this summer break. So far there are no new injuries, and some of those who went down in the Apertura are nearing the point where they can play again. Sánchez Prette has already returned to training, and appeared in at least one game, Rolando Schiavi is itching to get back into a game, though the doctors still haven't cleared him. Only Diego Mateo remains a question for the coming championship, unless I've missed the news on his recovery which is entirely possible.

Meanwhile, Joaquín Boghossian has come out and made the bold statement that he would like to score a goal for every game he plays in the up coming Clausura/Libertadores fixtures. He also has stated that the team is more of a unit now than it was during the Apertura. Considering the few coming and goings during the January transfer window has brought so far that's not a big surprise.

Still, for all this talk I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high for the coming campaign. Considering Newell's will be fighting on two fronts, Sensini will have to make his team selections carefully. He may also have to decide which is more important, the Libertadores, or the Clausura... at least as long as the team manages to survive in the international tournament.

Personally, I'm hoping for a good showing in the Libertadores, but at the same time hoping that we don't go too far, effecting the team's place in the domestic table. That way, with luck, we can be doing all this again next year. Yes, becoming first time Libertadores champions would be sweet, but not at the expense of the team's on going success. Still, getting beyond the group stage should be with in the team's reach.

The second place finish during the Apertura shows how quickly things can turn around, but such a mercurial feat can just as quickly be reversed if care is not taken. Just look at the last time La Lepra qualified for the Copa if you need proof of that, I'm not going to... far too painful, and I still haven't forgiven Nery Pumpido for the damage he did to my psyche during his time as coach of the team. Better, in my opinion, to improve slowly and steadily. To do that, the team needs to fix their financial problems, and the surest way of doing that is continual success domestically, leading to a run of Libertadores appearances over the years to come.


Jeremy said...

Bernardi commented that he doesn't think the Libertadores is possible for the squad. He said teams spend 100 million on squads just to try and win the Copa. Maybe he was just managing expectations?

David Phillips said...

Little of both, I suspect. Thing is that I seem to recall Sensini say something similar mid way through the Apertura, and if fortune smiles out way...

Ignacio said...

I agree with Jeremy, similar comments of Schiavi had the same approach... avoid pressure is the concept