Friday, February 19, 2010

Lanús Preview, And A Few Odds And Ends

Tomorrow, at 5:10 local time, Lanús come to Rosario to face Newell's Old Boys. I have to say that I'm expecting Newell's to win this game. Not only are they at home, but they are facing a team that isn't playing well at the moment, three losses in four domestic games, their only win was against Huracán in the first week of the Clausura.

Adding to that confidence is that Lanús have lost the two games they've played in the Copa Liberatadores, at home against Libertad on February 9th, and away to Universitario de Deportes of Peru last Wednesday. They are also scheduled for another Copa match up this coming Thursday against Bolivian side Blooming, again as visitors. I haven't seen anything on who they are planning on starting in tomorrow's game against La Lepra, but I'll be surprised if they don't rest their regular 11 in hopes of picking up a win in Bolivia.

Even if they do play their best team, how dangerous can a team that has lost five of their six games in 2010 be?

I know, I know, I should be careful what I say... those words may come back to haunt me. Over the last few championships Lanús have been one of the toughest teams to beat, after all.

While Lanús have not released their line up, Newell's are expected to line up as follows:

Sebastián Peratta
Agustín Alayes, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Insaurralde
Franco Dolci, Lucas Bernardi, Hugo Barrientos, Leonel Vangioni
Mauro Formica
Jorge Achucarro, Joaquín Boghossian

Alayes is back in after serving a one game suspension for a red card, and Dolci is in for Nahuel Roselli. Hopefully this will be the game that sees Boghossian get back to his scoring ways.

Also have to note that there's still no word on when the match against Argentinos Jrs will be completed. Monday's match was the second that they had suspended. The previous match, away to Banfield, is scheduled to be completed this coming Wednesday.

Tying up some odds and ends, I should say a few words about Maxi Rodriguez and his move to England's Liverpool. Normally I'm against Argentine players joining English teams, as few do well in the Premiership. I don't see Maxi as one of those players, and while I yet to see him play for his new team, the reports I have been seeing have all been positive.

Speaking of players moving around, it was reported that there were scouts from the Russian team Dynamo Moscow in the stands of Newell's rained out match against Argentinos Jrs. Rumor is that they were there to take a look at Mauro Formica. I have one piece of advise for Mauro: WAIT FOR A TEAM FROM A WARMER CLIMATE TO SHOW INTEREST!
I know there have been a few South Americans who have done well in Russia... but I have yet to hear of one that didn't complain about the weather, the living conditions, and any number of other cultural differences they had to adjust to. So, Mauro, unless your favorite place to be is Bariloche in the middle of winter, just say no.

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