Friday, February 5, 2010

Of Cowards And Scoundrels

Out of the mouths of the young comes wisdom. On Facebook I have joined many groups supporting Newell's Old Boys, and accepted the friendship of many of the members of these groups. Early on in this process I asked a young Lepra why she wanted to be friends with me. Her reply was that we were both Lepra, and all Lepra should be friends. Oh, if it could only be that simple.

On their way home from Wednesday's match against Huracán a bus load of Newell's fans was attacked by what the local media suspect as a rival Barras Bravas group, and witnesses stated that they were firing machine guns. Two men were injured, age 28 and 42, but they are out of danger. Unfortunately, the same can be said for 14 year old Walter Cáceres, struck by three bullets, all head shots. In his case, he will never face danger again, as the danger is something the dead never need fear, all thanks to an act of cowardice.

That's right, I said it, it was an act of cowardice. It does not take any kind of bravery to fire a weapon at a bus. Pulling the trigger when you can see the face of your target, now that's another matter, but even that wouldn't be true bravery. To show that trait we would have to lay down our weapons and embrace our enemies as friends.

Now the attackers may label themselves as Newell's Barras Bravas, that has yet to be proven. Thing is, it was, as I have said, an act of a coward, but even more so it was the act of a canalla, a scoundrel. No, that does not mean I'm saying the attack was carried out by the Canallas, Rosario Central Barras Bravas, but by true scoundrels, rat bastards, and somehow I would not be surprised if the chain of command of those who planned this ambush on their fellow fans leads straight to the door of Eduardo Lopez himself... but that, I'm sure, will never be proven.

Walter Cáceres, I never knew you, but I will never forget you. May you know peace in death, and may your death bring us closer to the day when all Lepra, nah, all futbol fans everywhere will be joined in friendship.

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