Monday, April 12, 2010

Injury Worries Prior To El Clasico Rosarino

Lucas Bernardi picked up a bit of an injury during Saturday's 3-0 win over Chacarita Jrs, and Jorge Achucarro was injuried during last Wednesday's 1-0 win over River Plate. Both may end up missing this Sunday's match against Rosario Central.

Bernardi's has yet to be fully diagnosed, but isn't expected to be serious. I'm kind of guessing here (Babelfish doesn't handle medical transtalions,) but he's having problems with his right leg. If he can't play, his absence will certainly be missed.

Achucarro is said to have suffered a near centimeter (not quite half an inch) tear, but no indication as to which muscle. The doctors feel he will recover with out any problems, but doubt he will be able to play by Sunday. Considering the way Deigo Torres played against Chacarita, that shouldn't be a problem. If anything, the Paraguayan may find it difficult reclaiming his starting spot should Torres continue to play well.

Still, there is good news, as defender Juan Insaurralde, and midfielders Diego Mateo, Marcelo Estigarribia and Leonel Vangioni should all be recovered from their various bumps and bruises they've suffered well before the team heads across town on Sunday.

There's also a bit of a clamor over if/when Joaquin Boghossian will make his way back into the starting 11. Considering Cristian Núñez scored two or three goals against Chacarita (depending on which report you want to believe) Joaquin may well not get another start dressing in Newell's red and black.

With five matches to go Newell's aren't mathematically out of the title race. If, and this is a big if, they can win all five matches they will finish the Clausura with 35 points, which is one point off the pace the last Lepra team to win a championship earned (2004 Apertura.) Even doing that, it would require a lot of teams that are above them in the standings to lose a lot of games... so, once again, I'm hoping we can at least make our way up into the top five.

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