Friday, May 14, 2010

Deflating End To A Spectacular Season

There isn't much I can say about Newell's Old Boys 2-1 loss to San Lorenzo to wrap up the 2010 Clausura, and the 2009-2010 season as a whole. How can I, I made it into work, despite having gone into the dentist this morning. Can't say that my day was any more productive than the players were on the field.

I can say that Rolando Schiavi made a rare defensive mistake that lead to Bernardo Romeo giving San Lorenzo the lead. That's no knock against Romeo, who is a gifted goal scorer, but the gift he received today he could have scored blindfolded.

I could also state that José Palomino made a foolish foul on Cristian Nuñez, gifting Newell's a penalty that Schiavi buried to redeem himself for his earlier blunder.

Nelson Benítez scored the winner off a corner, which was, as most goals off of corners are, pure luck. The cross was perfectly placed, and he made no mistake with his header, but there's no defenders to blame, it was just one of those goals that happen.

But all that can be seen in the clip below, which is all I've seen.

So, Newell's are still in 5th place with 30 points, and now must hope that Lanús and Banfield lose. Both sitting on 29 points with their final matches yet to be played. Banfield are hosting Boca Jrs as I write, the score still at 0-0 30+ minutes into the first half. Lanús will visit Independiente tomorrow.

Looking over the entire season, Newell's have had a very good year, far better than I expected when it all started. Over the course of the Apertura and Clausura they totaled 69 points, a full 17 points better than they did last year.

But losing the final match again... it's hard to take. And with all the players expected to leave, it's hard to see the future being this bright. But that's all part of the game, that's all part of being a fan, no matter what sport, no matter what team, there are always times like these.

Up next... well, I'll probably have a word or two to say after the above mentioned matches are concluded, and then it will be time for the transfer season to begin in earnest.

Oh, and there's this little dance that will be held in South Africa in a few short weeks. I'll probably have a few things to say about that as well.

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