Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vuvuzelas Be Damned...

By the end of this World Cup I may end up completely out of my mind, along with millions of others who are watching as many, if not more of the matches than I am.

It's to the futbol that's doing it, there's been some good, Argentina running over South Korea 4-1, and some bad, USA being robbed of a come from behind victory by a dubious call, but all that's to be expected. No, the culprit here isn't the players, it isn't the referees, it's the damn African fans and their accursed vuvuzelas. It's been hours sense had the Ghana/Australia replay on, and I still have the damn sound that they make going off in my head... I can only pray that they don't become any more popular outside of Africa than they already have.

Not only are they annoying me, but they've created some problems on the pitch. During the first few games I saw a number of players take yellow cards for continuing to play the ball after the whistle had blown, and when they referee confronted them with the booking, they pointed to there ears in the universal sign for "come on, I didn't your over the sound of the swarm of hornets buzzing in my head." (OK, I am using a bit of poetic license in that description, but it isn't far off the truth.)

There had been talk of banning them before the Cup started, but FIFA decided against that idea. If I could go back in time and convince them of going through with it, I would. Even better, if I could go back and keep the damn things from being invented, I'd do whatever it'd take to do so.

At the very least, let's keep them in their natural habitat in Africa. Anyone bringing these horns home from the World Cup should have them confiscated as instruments of torture.

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