Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where Are The Goals Going To Come From?

Ok, the first match has been played (which I'm trying to put behind me) and there are three new players that I haven't talked about in any depth... so let's get to it, shall we?

Luis Rodríguez, on loan from Atlético Tucumán. Rodriguez was a large part of an offense that helped Los Decanos climb up to the National A, or Primera División, with two promotions in consecutive years. Their stay in the Primera was short lived, and they are back in the B, along with Rosario Central. The 5'5 1/2" forward shares the "Pulga" (flea) nickname with famous former Newell's youth player Lionel Messi, but that's as far as that comparison is going. Considering his lack of size only adds to the mystery of why the team continues to play long aerial balls from the back. For Atlético he scored 33 goals in 78 matches, but most of those came in the lower divisions.

Sebastián Taborda joins Newell's from Defensor of Uruguay. If Rodriguez is Achucarro's replacement, than Taborda must be expected to take Boghossian's place. That's one tall order, and not one that he's likely to live up to. His first five years as a professional player were impressive enough, scoring nearly a goal every two games (35 goals in 78 matches,) but that was five years ago. Sense then he's only managed to score 14 goals in 91 matches (including yesterday's game against Estudiantes.)

Both Taborda and Rodriguez started yesterday's Apertura opener, but failed to impress. Granted much of that goes to the fact that the team continues to fall back to long blasts forward coming from Peratta and our three man back line, but when Iván Borghello entered the game, replacing the diminutive "Pulga" Rodríguez, he managed to get on the end of a couple of chances, though he failed to put anything truly dangerous toward La Pinchas' net.

Meanwhile, Diego Torres, our best forward at the moment (in my opinion) languishes with the reserve team, all because Roberto Sensini and Torres had a falling out at the end of last season. It's a shame, because when he did get a chance to play last season he showed a better understanding on the field with Mauro Formica and Mauricio Sperdutti than Achucarro ever showed. Roberto, Diego, I urge you both to bridge the gap that's fallen between you. Diego is a better forward than Rodrigues, Taborda, and Borghello, and if Sensini can't see that he truly is the Senseless One. At the same time, Diego, Roberto is the coach, and you must respect his decisions... leave the criticisms of his abilities to the fans and the media. We, after all, are under no such obligations.

Lastly we have Leandro Velázquez, on loan from Vélez Sarsfield. He's a 21 year old attacking midfielder who will only get significant playing time if Formica either doesn't play, or moves up to forward. He did make it onto the pitch yesterday as a second half sub, but didn't really show much of anything. How could he, with the defense opting to ignore the midfield by blasting the ball long, looking for forwards that weren't there...

So, where are the goals going to come from? I don't know, but if they don't start coming, it's going to be a long, hard season for La Lepra.

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