Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hey, Sis, Can We Have Your Birthday Dinner Every Week?

I saw a bit of the first half of today's Newell's Old Boys visit to Argentinos Jrs, and then had to go over to my sister's place for her birthday dinner. As luck had it, the first half a bit frustrating for La Lepra... the best chances were from the visitors, we had another shot that rang off the crossbar, but at the end of the first 45 the game looked like it was well on the way towards a dull 0-0 tie.

While I was sitting around with family, the game marched on, producing three goals in the second half. Gonzalo Vargas opened the scoring in the 62nd minute to give the 2010 Apertura champions the lead. Just based on that one might expect this to have been tough road game, and getting away with even a tie would have been acceptable. But this is the Primera División de Argentina, and being last season's champion does not mean that your going to be any good this year. Going into the match Argentinos were tied for last place with only two points from five games. Add to that they were just knocked out of the Copa Sudamerican on Thursday by Independiente.

No, losing this road game would not be acceptable, and settling for another draw would still wouldn't have been palatable. Thus when Gabriel Cíchero scored his first goal in the 77th minute, followed by La Pulga Luis Rodríguez second giving Newell's the win in the 83rd... I'm disappointed that I couldn't see the second half, but, then again, maybe it was the fact that I wasn't able to see the final 45 that brought about the luck La Lepra needed to secure three points on the road for the first time this Clausura.

Adding to the need for the win was the fact that Rosario Central won their first down in the B yesterday, also on the road, against Atlético Rafaela. (Correction.... Central did win, but the game was on Friday, not Saturday.)


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Great result! I posted a comment a few weeks back re Cichero. I saw that he scored his first goal. Looks like he had another good game, how's he been playing? I told you he was quality!

David Phillips said...

Cichero has done alright as far as his attacking play goes, but his defensive duties have been a bit inconsistent. That could be more squarely be put on Sensini, as the coach continues to insist on playing a three centerback defense, and Cichero is more of a wingback sort of defender.

The real crazy part about the three defenders is that they all go forward on freekicks and corners. Thankfully we have Diego Mateo in midfield who can stay back and act as a defender in these situations.