Friday, September 17, 2010

Newell's 1-0 Win Over Estudiantes

Yes, I know, the result is 24 hours old, but what can I do. This is what happens when Newell's Old Boys play on Thursdays... I don't get to watch the game, or at least not very much of it. You see for very nearly, if not exactly, thirty years now Thursday nights have been reserved for a get together with some friends of mine, and while I might be able to have the game on, I can't pay as much attention to it as I'd like with out being rather rude... especially sense I've been hosting the get together for the past few years.

But enough about that, let's get to the match, shall we? Newell's went into their first game go the 2010 Copa Sudamericana fielding the team as it was expected, no surprises here. It was Machuca in for Schiavi, so Fideleff will have to wait for another chance to get his first start of the new season. Estudiantes were with out a handful of their top players, including playmaker Seba Veron.

That said, I was hoping La Lepra could finish the game with at least a two goal advantage, but that wasn't to be. In fact it took injury time in the second half before the lone goal of the match was scored. While Mauro Fórmica may have scored it, the true credit has to go to substitute Daniel Salvatierra, who's alert play in the attacking penalty area allowed him to strip a defender of the ball, who, in trying to win the ball back, only managed commit a foul, and thus award Newell's with a chance from the spot. El Gato made no mistake, and so a slim advantage will be taken into the second leg match, scheduled for next week.

Up next is current league co-leaders River Plate (tied with Estudiantes and Vélez Sarsfield with 13 points from six weeks of play... Estudiantes have a game in hand

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