Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rosario Central Slips Up Yet Again

While I'm not happy with the way Newell's Old Boys have started the Apertura, I'm almost starting to feel sorry for the Sinas down in the B. Five weeks into the season, and they are still with out a win, this time settling for a draw against newly promoted side Patronato, a team that shares Newell's Rojinegro colors, but wear strips rather than halves.

El Rojinegro de Paraná opened the scoring when Gabriel Roth put one past Jorge Broun in the 35th minute. The teams went into the half tied after Rosario Central's Javier Toledo scored from a controversial penalty.

Diego Gonzalez put the Sinas down a man in the 75th minute after receiving a second yellow card for a handball of all things. Despite this, the Sinas managed to take the lead when Cristian - better known as Kily Gonzalez scored some six minutes later, only to find himself banished for a second yellow in the 85th minute when his slide tackle was mistimed and he got nothing but the ankles of Cristian Devallis. Way to self destruct, Bentral!

Still, the Sinas did hold on to the lead as long as they could, until Jorge Baliño again called another controversial penalty. Deigo Jara converted to bring the teams even.

Other Rosario team scores and hightlights:

Tiro Federal 2 Atletico Tucuman 4

Tiro's loss put them bottom of the B, tied with Belgrano Cordoba with only two points from five games.

Defensores Unidos 1 Central Córdoba 0
I couldn't find anything on Youtube for this match up from the Primera C. Yes, Central Córdoba is from Rosario. So far they've only managed five points. They were founded in 1906 by a group of railway workers. Córdoba Central Railway ran from Buenos Aires, through Rosario to Córdoba. See, it makes sense now, doesn't it?

I've yet to see a score for this weekend's matching way down in the Primera D where Argentino de Rosario rounds things out. In the four games that I know of, they already have the most points of all the teams in Rosario with seven.


Jeremy Holloman said...

I think the D was postponed until Monday due to rain. What a train wreck C-entral is turning into. And sadly, for them, I don't think they've hit bottom yet.

Jeremy Holloman said...

Argentino play away tomorrow at 2:30pm EST against Centro Espanol. They sit sixth, five points off the lead (three clubs took full points from all four matches). Sorry for the double post. I should have checked before I hit the post button last time.

David Phillips said...

No problem with the multiple post, Jeremy. Argentino did indeed play Centro Espanol today, losing 1-0. Not a good weekend for any futbol teams from Rosario. Hopefully Newell's will fair better against Argentinos Jrs next week end.