Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Few Words From El Flaco Peratta

In the wake of my wondering if and when Newell's Old Boys coach Robert Sensini would rest a player or two Saturday's hero Sebastián Peratta has come out and stated that the draw against Quilmes may well have been an indication that the team was fatigued from the extra games the Copa Sudamericana has brought to the schedule.

He then went on to explain that the team is fighting to do well on both fronts, which is what every Lepra wants. But would it really hurt to allow some of the older veterans to rest for a game now and then? I'm not saying they should all miss the same match, but rotating them certainly should be possible.

Seba also talked about La Lepra's position with in the current league elite. "Estudiantes and Vélez are in step, behind them are Banfield and Godoy Cruz, who play well but get little recognition. After that I believe is where we come."

As for the call of many a Lepra that Peratta should be in goal for Argentina, well, the keeper acknowledged that it would be a great honor, but one that is out of his hands.

For those who can speak Spanish (and read it as well) the full article can be found at

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