Saturday, October 16, 2010

Frustration All Around - Banfield 0 Newell's 0

The game was barely started when Banfield hit the woodwork. The rebound should have been buried, but Peratta continues to make his case for becoming San Sebastian de los Arqueros, making a miracle save. Later, just before half time he made the save of the night to preserve the scoreless draw. Why this man does not get more recognition outside of Rosario I'll never know.

Beyond that this wasn't the most entertaining match I've ever sat through. To give those who did not see the game an idea, the announcers spent much of the match naming players who had played for both teams rather than calling the match in play.

Both teams played well enough, but both defenses out played their offensive counterparts. Man of the match honors for Newell's? Hmmm, tough call, I'm going to give it to Rolando Schiavi, who had a wonderful night defensively, followed by Peratta, and then Diego Mateo. Honorary mention goes to Franco Dolci, who made me eat my own words tonight. He isn't the defensivemidfieder that Lucas Bernardi is, but he went out and played very well tonight, and had two outstanding shots that were headed for the lower left corner of the net saved by Banfield keeper Enrique Bologna.

One of the most entertaining moments of the match was when a Banfield attacker over extended himself in trying to take on Schiavi. El Flaco didn't even touch him, no foul was called, but Rolando proved himself a class act by kicking the ball out of bounds so the injured player could be looked at. He may well be the dirtiest defender in the league, but the man does have a heart.

Up next, it's off to Bolivia to face San José in the Copa Sudamericana.

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