Monday, October 4, 2010

San José de Oruro Beware, Newell's Will Not Be Taking You Lightly comes through with another preview of who we might see on the field for Newell's Old Boys, this time for Wednesday's Copa Sudamericana first leg clash against San José de Oruro (Bolivia.)

Sebastián Peratta
Agustín Alayes, Rolando Schiavi, Ignacio Fideleff
Luciano Vella, Diego Mateo, Lucas Bernardi, Marcelo Estigarribia
Mauro Formica
Mauricio Sperduti, Iván Borghello

And I've confirmed it via La Capital as well. The good news is that it proves that Sensini is taking the Copa seriously. While I don't mind seeing Gabriel Cíchero sit out in favor of Fideleff, but the truth is that he's not exactly going to be resting... he's been called up for National Team duty with Venezuela.

So, it's the full starting eleven as it has evolved over the course of the Apertura (though I'd expect Leonel Vangioni to win his place back from Estigarribia once fully fit.) I have no problem with this, as long as everyone remains healthy. With some of the teams older veterans playing so many games could wear on them.

Schiavi at 37 is the eldest, and while he loves to play as much as he did when he was much younger, but he could certainly use a rest here and there should Newell's continue to advance in the Copa while trying to maintain their place in the Apertura standings. Same could be said for the team's double 5s. Mateo (32) has played some outstanding futbol, but has been prone to injuries, while Bernardi (33) has just recently made his way back onto the squad from an off season injury.

Even some of the younger players could probably end up using a rest some time down the line if the team continues deep into the continental competition. Just about every time Formica gets fouled he comes up holding his right side/hip is a prime example.

The more games they have to play, the harder they are going to be. San José deserves some accolades for qualifying, but are likely to be Newell's weakest opponents... certainly easier than Estudiantes were. If Sensini isn't about to rest a player or two now... then when?

(OK... looking just a little past the Copa, this weekend Newell's will be hosting Quilmes, the only team in the Primera A with out a win after nine games. Maybe Sensini will run out the reserves for that game.)

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