Sunday, December 12, 2010

And Newell's Old Boys Apertura Ends On A...

Nothing like a stretch where your team ends a season with three goals scored in their last eleven games (including the Copa Sudamericana knock out by LDU Quito... I think I had that miscounted in a previous post.) It is at times like this that I wonder if I have stumbled into the Twilight Zone.

Yes, Newell's Old Boys failed to score again today, Colón de Santa Fe instead handed them a 1-0 loss. All this, and, if the rumors are to be trusted, both Mauricio Sperdutti and Mauro Fórmica, the teams only real offensive threats through out the Apertura will be gone before the Clausura starts.

Still, Newell's bank accounts have to get out of the red, and the sale of these two players will certainly help, provided, of course, we can get what they are worth. Thing is, with the Apertura ending with eight points from the final ten matches after starting the campaign with eighteen from the first nine... I cannot see that doing anything but lowering their price tags.

I was only able to keep half an eye on the match, as I was at my weekly Sunday night get together with friends, but did not see anything that I had not seen in the past few games. The defense was as good as one can expect, the lone goal was perfectly placed, so no blame on back up goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán. In fact I think Guzmán had an admirable game. Same can be said for the midfield.

The problem is still the forwards. The have seldom looked dangerous during the entire Apertura, including the first half of the season when the only loss was the first game against the winners of the Apertura, Estudiantes de La Plata.

Ah, well, there are good times, and bad times.

On a side note, the 2009/2010 jersey that I ordered arrived on Friday:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations jersey!!


Apathetic said...

which website did you order your jersey from? Can you spare the tip?



David Phillips said...

Boaz, guess I should have posted the link again, which I did when I posted about ordering it (

It's the only place I've been able to find anything other than River and Boca jerseys. Anyone else know of other websites?