Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Confusing Cat Tales

The sage of Mauro Fórmica and Newell's Old Boys attempts to market him to European teams continues to spin around enough to make one so dizzy that I am in danger of falling off my seat. The negotiations with Monaco continue, but they are having issues with some of the player's paperwork. Seemingly the passport El Gato carries does not meet their approval, if I understand things correctly.

Meanwhile, Blackburn has entered back into the picture and appear ready to make a deal of their own for the midfielder. Why they had the first deal set up through Serbia and Red Star Belgrade is up for speculation, but considering that it was that which kept Mauro from signing a deal in the first place... well, let us just wait and see what happens, shall we?

For Fórmica, I hope thing get settled soon... otherwise we may have one very confused Gato on our hands.

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