Monday, February 7, 2011

Final Thoughts Before Friday's Opening Match

Newell's Old Boys have said goodbye to Mauro Fórmica, and Agustín Alayes. Iván Borghello may be on his way to Barcelona of Ecuador, but I hope he stays, as I'd like to see him playing next to Claudio Bieler, who comes to Newell's on a six month loan from Racing Club. Even if Roberto Sensini does not see it that way, Borghello is still valuable coming off the bench.

With Mauro gone, Sensini is calling for another playmaker to be brought into the team. Personally I'd like to see Mauricio Sperdutti given the role, but we will see what happens.

Replacing Alayes was not too difficult, on another 6 month loan Newell's brought back Fabricio Fuentes, who started his carrier with La Lepra. The rumors about Boca Jrs wanting Rolando Schiavi proved, as always, more hot air than anything else. Yes, their are members in the Xeneize hierarchy interested in bringing El Flaco back, but not enough of them in high enough places to convince those that matter... and we Lepra are thankful for that.

I would love to have the optimism of Diego Mateo. The defensive midfielder has stated that, with the team only having one competition to play in, the Clausura should go better than the Apertura, when Newell's also had to contend with Copa Sudamericana fixtures. I hope he is right, but I am anticipating a long, difficult season... but nothing quite like Bentral are experiencing down in the B.

Yes, Rosario Central ended their summer break on Saturday, and could only manage a 0-0 draw at home to Defensa y Justicia, the team that is dead last in the National B. Sure, Bentral are only six points from the top of the B standings, but for how long? Do they really have any hope of climbing their way up the standings for a chance to get back up to the top flight?

The way I see it, if Central fail to gain promotion, we get another season looking down at them struggling in the lower division. If they do earn promotion, we get the Clasico Rosarino back. This is a win-win situation in my book.

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