Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Loss, Another Late Blog Entry

Yes, Newell's Old Boys lost yet again over the week end, this time away to River Plate 2-1. That makes it three straight losses, and after coach Roberto Sensini had his resignation turned down, this week it seems to be Rolando Schiavi who is thinking of packing it in. He did, however make it quite explicit that he was making no announcement... just that the coming months will make the decision for him.

He certainly did not have his best game on Saturday, but even at 38 I still maintain that he deserves his place in the starting eleven at Newell's. Thing is, he will not be staring in the next match against Arsenal de SarandĂ­ after receiving a direct red card for a mistimed tackle in the 79th minute. Claudio Bieler will also be missing the next game as he received a red card of his own some six minutes later, though I did not catch what it was for.

Both River Plate goals resulted from defensive mistakes made by Newell's once solid defense. No excuses, the team simply is not functioning as one right now.

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