Saturday, March 5, 2011

Only One Point At Home (But signs of a brighter future)

Sensini puckers up
When you go up 2-0 with in the first 25 minutes at home you should be able to breeze to an easy victory. Not so tonight, as Newell's Old Boys had to settle for a single point in a 3-3 draw against a struggling Huracán. In defense of the result Los Quemeros played well for a team that now has only three points from four matches. Newell's can not claim to be doing any better, really, having only earned four points, but some how I hope that coach Roberto Sensini is not happy kissing his sister (if you do not know there is an old saying that settling for a draw is like kissing your sister.)

The first two goals in came in unexpected ways. The first, scored by Claudio Bieler, was set up by a nice cross from the right by Diego Mateo, who for all his value for the team defensively is not exactly the man you would think would be setting up a goal. I have always thought Mateo had it in him, his passing ability is very good, but he seldom ventures forward enough to be an offensive force. Bieler, on the other hand, is living up to expectations so far, with two goals in four games, but I have noticed that he has been coming back for the ball too much to really consider him a true 9. Still, as long as he scores, there is nothing to complain about.

The second goal was scored by defender Nacho Fideleff. His scoring is not so surprising, he has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he his a goal scoring threat with a powerful header and a strong shot, but this time he barely managed to get his head to the ball, if fact it did more than merely grazed off his curly blonde locks on it's way into the net, deflecting just enough to evade goalkeeper Gaston Monzon. Nacho also showed signs in this match that he has improved his passing game, which could well turn him into a very valuable player in the near future.

After that, La Lepra seemed to take their foot off the gas a bit, and Huracán made them pay for it. Cristian Maidana brought them with in a goal with a picture perfect free kick from a tight angle. Then, the unimaginable, Diego Mateo made a rare defensive mistake and his attempt to head the ball ended up in the back of the net. At this point keeper Sebastián Peratta sat up against the post with a look of shear disbelief, but the madness was not over. Carlos Quintana put the visitors ahead a few minutes before referee Juan Pompei blew the half time whistle.

The second half saw Newell's play well through out. Mauricio Sperdutti scored the only goal of the second half to draw the score level, and had they made more of a few other chances Newell's could well have walked away with a victory. In the end, if La Lepra could put together a full 90 minutes playing like they did in the first 25 minutes, or even as they did during the entire second half, and they will give any team in the league a tough time. As long as they continue to have lapses of concentration like the last 20 minutes of the first half we could still be looking at a long and painful Clausura.

I also want to mention a couple of signs that the future may well be bright, as young Martín Tonso started in the midfield playmaker role and did well enough. He did make a few mistakes, but nothing that should not be expected from a young player. Then there was the debut of Nestor Camacho, who showed that, yes, yes, he is a capable playmaker, but still is new enough to the team that the communication with is team mates is not quite there.

Another debuting player was Lorenzo Faravelli, who came on late in the match for Tonso. He too looked good, though ten minutes of play is hardly enough time to judge a player.

(Have not found any video highlights... I will add them asap, if and when I find.)


Victor said...

WELL...It was a strange game, sadly for us, can´t achieve a easy victory at home...there are things to correct in coming games....I see future in this team...

Anonymous said...

Camacho,Tonso, Favarelli, Almiron ...all youth squads. Our new hope