Tuesday, October 4, 2011

While I Have Been Away...

Newell's Old Boys have played three matches since I last posted anything. In those games Newell's have managed to gain only one point. Is it any wonder I have not been writing much about them?

It is not that I do not care. In fact the opposite is true. I have watched every minute of every game that work and social commitments have allowed me. And almost every minute has been painful and heartbreaking.

I want the team to do well, but I do not see that happening from what I have seen, and the results so far offer no hope, either. Nine points after ten games is not what we need from this Apertura... but that is what we have.

The defense has improved over what we saw during the Clausura. Newell's have only allowed nine goals in the ten matches played. The offensive however continues to be, well, offensive, as in insulting. Six goals is all we have managed? Really? With the skills of the players we have, that is inexcusable. Sadly, I can only look at the style of play the team has been employing, and in saying that the finger gets pointed directly at the coach... Javier Torrente, what is it that you are trying to do here?

Cross after cross gets lofted into the enemy penalty box... and it has worked to little to no effect. I have always said the best way to run an offense is to mix things up, but that certainly did not happen much under previous coach, Roberto Sensini, and I have yet to see anything like it now.

Avoiding relegation next season starts now. Last season was dreadful enough. This one is looking much the same, if not worst. Even bringing Marcelo Bielsa will not be enough to save us if we do not start racking up points now... and I do not mean a point at a time, thank you.

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