Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bombonera Blues

Gerardo Martino stated before the match that Boca Jrs was the best team in Argentina. Boca went on to prove that as they defeated Newell's Old Boys 2-0. In terms of possession, attacking chances, La Lepra held their own in a stadium where few teams manage to do so. Add to that, Boca are coming off a championship Apertura, while Newell's had the sort of Apertura we would love to forget, but never will. Quite simply, Newell's were out classed, but not out played.

I can not say that I liked that Newell's tactics defensively left no one in midfield to collect clearances from the back. The offense is still missing a creative force, especially with Pablo Perez missing from action due to his fifth yellow card of the season against Argentinos Jrs. What chances that were there were not the sort that would give Boca keeper Agustín Orion much trouble.

Mauricio Sperduti continues to flounder, he seems to have lost his form ever since Mauro Fórmica left for England. If Newell's are going to really compete during this Clausura El Gordo has to find his form, or some one else needs to be given the chance to prove their worth.

Am I disappointed in the loss? Yes, but still encouraged that the team is playing far better than they did during the Apertura. Hopefully that leads to a lot more points over the course of the rest of the season.

Up next, Newell's head back to Rosario to host Belgrano de Córdoba. Hopefully that will make for an easy three points.

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