Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sharing First Place

Last week, in an online discussion with a fellow Lepra, I mentioned that I was happy with the way Newell's Old Boys have been playing, but was concerned that we were not scoring enough goals, that only Maximiliano Urruti seemed to be scoring goals. So what happens today? Newell's beat Banfield 3-0 at home, with goals from Santiago Vergini (68'), Fabián Muñoz (86'), and Víctor Aquino (90').

I cannot say much about this win, other than I am happy, and that it placed us, at least temporarily, in a tie for first place with Boca Jrs (as I write Tigre and Boca are tied 1-1 with about five minutes to play, which puts Boca one point ahead of Newell's... opps... goal Tigre, or rather an own goal by Rolando Schiavi, back to a first place tie. Could it be that El Flaco's heart is still red and black?) * Editor's Note: Forgot to mention WHY I cannot say much about the match - I had to go into work. By the time I got to where I could get internet, the game was over.

Guess I should now state that I am worried by the fact that most of our goals seem to come in the second half.

Also find it a bit strange that it was not all that long ago that Newell's had to settle for second place when Banfield won a championship by a mere point. Much has changed for both teams since then, but now, it seems, Newell's are back in the title chase.

And it is over, Tigre 2 - Boca 1! Newell's will have a share of first place for a week. We will see what happens next weekend as Newell's play away to Arsenal, while Boca head to Córdoba to face Belgrano.

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