Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Letter To NCSoft

Orebh Raven
The fight to save City Of Heroes continues. On Wednesday there was a drive to buy all the developers who had been laid off from Paragon Studios dinner, and, while it was thought that collecting the money would take days, they had overshot their fund raising goal with in a few hours!

Today in the City Of Hero forums a new drive is on, this time a campaign to send e-mails to the head honchos at NCSoft to explain what City Of Heroes means to you. Here are the e-mail addresses, as provided by:

Kzinti Tigress
Edit: [E-mail addresses removed] * 
And here is what I sent:


I am sure you have gotten a number of e-mails regarding the impending shut down of City of Heroes imploring you to change your minds. I will not be doing that. What I do want to do is explain WHY I will not be playing any of your other games.

It is NOT because of the situation with City of Heroes. I did not start playing City of Heroes because it was an MMO but because it was, and still is, the best Super Hero computer game out there. I am not looking for a fantasy game, not looking to fight monsters or vampires. If and when the servers for City of Heroes go dark I will look at the alternatives to find a Super Hero game that will fill the void left in my world by your actions.

Here's wishing you the best in your new direction... I will not be following."

Gray Mantis
It's a bit off from what was asked for, but I do think it gets the message across.  So far NCSoft still has no announcement of City Of Heroes demise on their website, that only appears on the City Of Heroes specific website. NCSoft has, however, taken all reference to City Of Heroes off their website at this point. It makes me wonder if they are trying to keep what is happening from the people that play their other games.

Whatever... we who love City Of Heroes will continue to spread the word, we will continue to strive to save our beloved city of Paragon.

We are heroes, this is what we do.

* As noted in the thread I got the e-mail addresses from:

I have received a request from NCsoft to remove these addresses from being publicly posted. I have decided to comply, and I wanted to make sure everyone understands my reasons for doing so.
  • I read up on the legalities of the situation before posting this Call to Action, and I am convinced that I am well within my rights to do what I did. However, I want NCsoft to understand that this isn't about exercising legal rights, it is about trying to reach people with the ultimate authority to determine the fate of City of Heroes. I have said all along that this is not a campaign of annoyance or denial of service and repeatedly requested that the community be respectful and positive and constructive. Having read many of your e-mails, I believe that this goal was achieved admirably and that our community was well-represented.
  • I believe that everyone in our community who would want to contact management at NCsoft has now had ample opportunity to do so. Accordingly, I do want to minimize the opportunity for others who might have an ax to grind with NCsoft in the future to come along and find this information and use it for ill purposes.
  • I believe that by now, executive management at NCsoft has gotten adequate representation of our community, for better or for worse. While we could continue sending e-mails, by now I'm sure that they will likely not be read. If you didn't get a chance to convey your story, I apologize, but such is the nature of some of these calls to action, that they will be time-sensitive.
  • Even though it is not an especially positive response, it is not an especially negative or threatening one, either. Frankly, I expected a bit worse than it is. Accordingly, I want to extend them the courtesy of complying with the request as a good-faith gesture."

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