Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hoping For More Heroics

Tonight, while Newell's Old Boys face River Plate in Buenos Aries, I will be at a weekly gathering of friends. I may end up taking my laptop and keep half an eye on the game, but my friends will not understand. This is one of the reasons I call myself a Leper In A Strange Land.

Facing River Plate is not going to make for an easy match. Yes, I know this is a River Plate that just returned to the Primera from the B, but they were a different team when they took the drop. Newell's will need to be on top of their game, and one or two players will need to step up their games. Hopefully we will see some more heroics from La Lepra. Hopefully they will not wait until the last minute this time.

Speaking of heroics, here is a couple more of my characters from City Of Heroes. (For those of you reading this as Lepras, please indulge me as I do this... my love for Newell's is not endangered, City of Heroes is.)

Here we have Timelord Tom. Yes, this character is my tribute to Doctor Who. He is a Time Lord who has dismantled his TARDIS and created devices with which to fight crime in the streets of Paragon City. In the game he is a Technology Controler, powers are Gravity Control, Time Manipulation, and Teleport.
Next up is Willowbright. She was the first character I made in City Of Heroes. I say made rather than created as she is based on a character I created and played twice while playing Champions (the pen and paper role playing game, not the online version of the game.) I made her in City Of Heroes as a Natural Blaster, though I suppose I should have really used the Mutant origin. Her powers are Psychic Blast (closest thing I could come to her ranged attack in Champions, which was a No Normal Defense attack,) Energy Manipulation (again, an approximation... in the most recent Champions incarnation of the character she had Density Increase which gave her superhuman strength), Flight, and Concealment. She is my highest level character in City Of Heroes, and is just about to get to 31st level as I write this.

And here we have one Cryptman Jones, a character that was inspired, sort of, by The Shoveler from the Mystery Men movie. He is a Natural Tanker, powers are Willpower, Battle Axe (he hits people with a shovel - yes, there is an option for that in the game,) and Fighting. He is another early character, and the Fighting power probably should have been left off the slate, but it fits the concept of the character... so there it stays.

If you are a fan of super heroes, I would urge you to play City Of Heroes... but at this point? Wait, if the game is saved from oblivion, then give it a shot. Right now I am not even sure that you can download it. In the mean time, please do sign the petition:

Petition to save City Of Heroes

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