Sunday, October 7, 2012

Imaginary Interview With NCSoft

Hello. Today I again will be writing about something other than Newell's Old Boys. I apologize to any Lepra (Leper... it's the team nickname... long story, for anyone interested who doesn't know feel free to do a bit of research on the matter) who may stumble in and wonder what is going on... well, that is also a bit of a long story.

Today I am interviewing the MMO killer NCSoft, the former publishers of Auto Assault, Dungeon Runners, Dragonica, Exteel, Point Blank, Tabula Rasa, and soon to be City of Heroes.

Leper In A Strange Land (LIASL): Hello, and welcome to my blog, NCSoft.

NCSoft (NCS): Thank you, good to be here.

LIASL: Let's get right to the question that everyone wants to know the answer to: Why did make the decision to sunset City Of Heroes (CoH)?

NCS: You no worry about reason why or how... you play Blade And Soul now. You will like, promise.

LIASL: OOOOOk... moving right along. You have stated that you're attempts to sell CoH have been exhausted, would you care to go into any details on that?

NCS: Guild Wars 2 out now. We have plenty good games.

LIASL: Alright, since it's obvious you're not going to answer anything about CoH, let's move on...

You have been accused of forging a resignation letter from Richard Garriott when Tabula Rasa was shut down. This was released while Garriott was in quarantine after returning from a space flight. If you did not forge it, how did he manage to get it to you?

NCS: He big fat liar. He never even been in space.

LIASL: Excuse me, but didn't Mr. Garriott sue you over this and win a settlement of US$28 million, 4 million above and beyond what he was asking? How did that happen?

NCS: Where you here that? We know nothing about it. Why you no ask about Blade And Soul?

Only normal looking female I could find
LIASL: Alright, I will. I have seen many people posting articles and comments that the female characters in Blade And Soul border on soft core porn, with grossly exaggerated breasts and hips, and costumes that make them look more like prostitutes than combatants. I have provided a picture from the Blade And Soul web site that actual has normal proportions and a very lovely dress. How do you respond to all of this?

NCS: What? Her boobs not big enough? We can make them bigger for you...

LIASL: No, that's not what I'm...

NCS: We can change dress, show more skin, you like, no?

LIASL; Oh, boy... you really don't get what I'm saying here, do you?

NCS: What you mean? You no like girls? You sure you a man?

10 year old animal human hybrids?
LIASL: Yesh, moving right along... speaking of girls, here's another picture, this one showing Blade And Soul's fantasy creatures called Lyn. Is it just me, or do they look like ten year old girls with animal ears?

NCS: No, no... they magical creatures. Very fun to play. You should try.

LIASL: Em, thanks, but no thanks. To be brutally honest the only game you have that I care to play is City Of Heroes, thank you very much for killing it.

NCS: You very welcome.

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Psicotic said...

Very nice interview, im almost sure if you got for real they answer the same things, hehehe.

Thanks for posting that!