Saturday, December 1, 2012

City Of Heroes - Anyone Have A Rez?

Going into the final day of City Of Heroes (COH,) I had a plan as to how I'd spend it. I would bounce around a few of the servers, playing several of my characters I'd created (in some cases recreated - I've been playing Champions pen & paper super hero game since it first came out... yes, I'm that old.) An hour or two before the hour of doom would strike I planned on signing into both my accounts (yes, I have more than one computer, and had more than one COH accounts)  and have the sons of Thor, Magni and Modi facing Ragnarok once again. (Hope you are familiar enough with Norse Mythology to at least recognize the names.) This would have been on the Virtue server.
Willowbright - ever costume she had in COH
My main, Willowbright - my only character to make it to level 50, made it in a couple of times, and did a couple of Rikti invasion team-ups. Willow is my Positron (Matt Miller - MMO designer extraordinaire, former chief developer for Paragon Studios, created the character long ago) you could say. She was first created, as Willow, some 20 plus years ago for a Champions campaign.

Willow - Mk II
A second version of Willow was created just a few years ago, again for a Champions campaign with my Sunday Night gaming group, suggested by my fellow gamer and published author Anne Harris. In that game she was part of a group called SUPA - Supers United to Protect Anyone. Her teammates included Helix, Cougar, Jaime Justice, and a robot named Murtalizer (not sure on that spelling, though.) Jaime Justice was the true figure head for SUPA, our version of Superman you could say. It was her family business that provided SUPA with the funds to have our Superbase. Because of this I started my time in City of Heroes on the Justice server. Willowbright moved to Virtue due to the impending shutdown of the game.

Willowbright in the Matrix room
But I digress...

I managed to sign in under a few others, but honestly don't remember it all. Tired after a long week at work, then playing from around 7:30 PM until 3 AM is not conducive to perfect recall. I know I did make it onto the Triumph server, but only because I have screenshots of Venusian Vixen, and Squirrel Gal back on Virtue.

Squirrel Gal helping fight off a Rikti invasion.
 As it got closer to the dreaded hour I gave up getting into Virtue last night after losing the connection for a second time. Virtue was so full that people were getting booted, and then there would be a long queue to try and get back in.

Nothing like sitting in a Queue waiting to get in.
So much for the sons of Thor.

Plan B turned out to be logging into Liberty as Devine Pixie, whom I hadn't played since NCSOFT made the announcement that COH would be closing (August 31st. 2012 - another date we will not forget.) She joined a smallish team, there were 5 of us, for one final mission against the minions of Lord Recluse.

Devine Pixe - dancing on top of the Atlas statue in Atlas Park as the clock ticked down.
Of all the characters I signed in last night, it was the little pixie on Liberty that amazed me. I totally submerged into the character to the delight of her teammates as we fought the evil spiders of Arachnos. Only bit I can remember at this point was someone complimented her on her wings, to which she replied: "Thanks, I grew them myself..."

I do have her, and several other characters, saved via Sentinel Plus. There were also a few I didn't bother with, toss away characters, who are either easy to replicate, and not so high level that if COH does see a new dawn it won't be a big deal to reconstruct them, and a few that I looked at and said, meh, don't really care if I ever play them again. I did get shots of them all, at least from the sign in screen.
I will miss them all. Even if I can, and will play them in other forms, it won't be the same. City Of Heroes truly brought these character to life for me, in ways no other game has.

November 30th, 2012. For those of us who played and loved the game that date will live on, for the rest of our lives, as the day that the game's publisher, NSCOFT, killed a small part of us.

Granted, they took the servers offline at 11:59:59 (actually a little bit after that) PST, so it was 3 AM my time, Saturday morning, December 1st. Minor detail that. All the announcements, all the news stories, all the blog entries will list the date as 11/30/12, or 30/11/12 for those who use that format...

Will I play other games? Yeah... I do have a free Champions Online account. Isn't the same, not even close. I have tried playing DCUO, but don't like the "designed for a console" controls. And, yes, I do still play pen & paper Champions, and Mutants and Masterminds as well.

Not the same. Nothing ever will be. Unless City Of Heroes gets the resurrection it truly deserves.

Anyone got a rez?



Patrick said...

Fellow Champions gamer here (Which edition, if I might ask? I started with the Big BLue Book, but wound up staying with 5th aka Fred) And...well, lapsed CoH. I did pop back in and 'accidentally' forgot to turn off autorenew when I gave the Free2Play a try.

Thanks for posting this!

David Phillips said...

Hi, Patrick.

The group I'm in still use 4th ed. of the Hero System (Champions.) There was at least one person who picked up 5th, we all looked it over and decided that 4th did the job well enough that we weren't going to switch. (Did steal bits and pieces from 5th, though. Some of the new Advantages and Limitations were directly translatable.)