Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Early Season Discontent

I'm a bit miffed that Central are sitting on top after four games, but look at who they've played. Racing, Tigre, Crucero, and Olimpo are not exactly the toughest opponents.

Newell's on the other hand, have lost points to Independiente and Velez. Granted, Newell's have not looked all that impressive even in their wins. While some credit luck in Newell's win over Crucero I'd have to say that Crucero was lucky the score wasn't more lopsided. Scocco had 4-5 good chances he would have buried back in 2012/13.

Maybe it's Tolo's style that isn't working for the team, or maybe it's the team not working to his style. Maxi and Scocco publicly complaining about it? That's something that didn't even happen when Sensini was in charge. Maxi has been scoring, but still does not appear to be in top form. Scocco has not been anywhere near his best.

I may not agree with Gallego's system, but play your best before you start complaining boys.

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Juan Irusta said...

Welcome back!
Good start but many things to improve in Tolo´s team