Sunday, October 19, 2008

Newell's vs Godoy Cruz 0, US College Game 3

For whatever reasons the feeds I get to watch Futbol Argentino are showing the Rosario Central vs Gimnasia LP game instead of Newell's vs Godoy Cruz. Still, it's been a day filled with soccer for me, as I've watched 3 college games on the Big Ten Network.

First up was Michigan State visiting the University of Michigan in a men's game. Last time I saw either of these two teams play the action, if it could be called that, was unwatchable. Today that wasn't the case. I can only attribute that to the fact that many of the better players on both these teams spend time playing for teams in the PDL (Player Development League) over the summer months before going on to play for their respective college teams. With UofM's colors being Maize and Blue, or Yellow and Blue, I have never been able to cheer them on, so I was happy with MSU taking a 1-0 win in enemy territory.

Next up was a double header of women's games, starting with Illinois playing Indiana, Indiana winning 1-0. The third game was Northwestern's women hosting UoM's, and UofM lost this one as well, by a score of... you guessed it, 1-0.

So, all in all, I've watch a lot of soccer today, but I'd trade all three of the games I saw for even the worst feed of Newell's playing in Mendoza.

But I absolutely refuse to watch Los Canallas play Los Triperos.

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Jeremy said...

That happened to me also, but I learned that you just need to look in the comment box and somebody will ask where the Newell's game is on and somebody will post a link (usually).