Saturday, November 15, 2008

And The Candidates Are Lopez And....

In December there will be, at least theoretically, an election for the Presidency of Newell's Old Boys. So far every thing I've seen has every leper in the world wanting the current Pres. Eduardo Lopez out, but no word on who anyone wants to put into office.

Reasons for wanting Lopez gone are many, though he's the longest reigning President the team have ever had, 14 straight years in charge so far, yet has only won two elections. During his time we've won one championship (Apertura 2004,) had a season where it was reported that a Barras Bravas had set themselves up as player agents, holding the contracts of several of the players and presured the coach to play them whether they were capable or not. And let's not forget all the stories of how much of the money that came into the club via transfer fees have mysteriously gone missing...

Looking at that, one has to ask, just what has Lopez done to deserve such a long run in charge? Well, sense he's been in charge he's used a number of methods to ensure that he remains in power, from not allowing socios to vote that have not paid their dues (which is a thinly veiled excuse to keep those who do not support him from voting - there are no records kept as to who'a paid up and who isn't... so how was this done?) to making sure that no other candidate registered before the election deadline - no other candidate, no need for an election.

In this pre-election season the courts in Argentina have ruled against Lopez from not allowing socios to vote. First it was that he couldn't limit them at all. Eduardo appealled that and it was overturned in favor of a ruling that stated that if a socio had paid for the three months leading up to the election they could vote. Lopez then made it nearly imposible for anyone to pay their dues. Anyone who showed up to do so was turned away. Due to this the second ruling has been overturned back to the initial ruling, everyone votes, dues paid or not.

But that has lead everyone's attention to be on Lopez's manuevers on who can and who can't vote. Could this just be a smoke screen to keep us from realizing that there is no other candidate? Has anyone else thrown their hat into the ring? Please, someone, anyone, tell me that there is a viable alternate candidate.

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