Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lepers Come From Behind (but only Boca finds joy in this result)

After searching for a working link to view the game, I finally found one just after San Lorenzo scored the first goal of the game. And so things continued, as the feed was buffering for San Lorenzo's second, and then the damn thing just out right froze on me.

I killed my browser, and loaded back up in time for the second half, but my luck continued the same way. Frankly, what little I managed to see of the game was frustrating. I missed every single goal, and considering that the game ended in a 3-3 tie, that's quite a feat.

Just to run things down, Pablo Barrientos scored both first half goals for San Lorenzo, the first coming in the 7th minute, the other some 6 minutes later. Fabbiani closed the gap 12 minutes into the second half, only for Los Cuervos to go up 1-3 from a Adrián González penalty. As much as a draw at home tastes bitter, it's good to see that Newell's did not give up, Vangioni brought the score to 2-3 in the 80th minute of play, Germán Ré tied the game 4 minutes later.

I did see the first goal on the replay, but that was it. It looked like the Leproso defense tried to pull off an off-sides trap that failed. Newell's needed this win to stay in the chase, San Lorenzo to insure they stayed in front. As a tie should be, with this one no one went home happy.

Earlier in the day Tigre beat Godoy Cruz and now share first with Los Cuervos with 30 points. That will probably change tomorrow. I simply can't losing to Vélez Sarsfield in La Bombonera. Still, if Vélez do manage to take a point from Boca, then Newell's will still be in the chase.

But even then, with only 4 games to play, and 4 teams ahead of us in the standings... but as I've said before, a top 5 finish will, in the end make me happy.


Anonymous said...

Oh man you have to fix that shit, you missed a incredible match, el ogro played a huge game. That's the man, he carried the team forward. Let me tell you, we left the cuervos with out a champioship becouse now they going to miss this two pints we took away from them. I was so happy yesterday, not becouse the tie, you had to heard those reporters of Buenos Aires saying how great san lorenzo were and how they going straight to champinship, they made me sick with all that bullshit, so we bitter they up at the end. What a hell they were thinking, la lepra going to fight till the end carajo!!!!

Go la lepra!!!!

Hey put direct tv and buy tyc sport channel, stop to suffer David


David Phillips said...

Si, claro. Pero no tengo dinero par Direct TV.