Monday, November 17, 2008

Time For The Rest Of The Teams At The Top To Have A Laugh

Some how, some way, Vélez Sarsfield managed to go into La Bombonera and beat Boca Jrs 3-2. That leaves San Lorenzo and Tigre tied in 1st on 30 points, Boca 3rd with 29, Lanus 25, Newell's 24, Vélez 23, Colón de Santa Fe 22, and three teams tied with 21.

Based on that, Newell's are closer to getting knocked out of the top 5 than they are climbing up into the lead. With 4 games to go, there are 12 point to try for. Even if we win them all, that means the top three will all have to drop at least half those points. It's not likely, but stranger things have happened.

Here's the goal's from San Lorenzo and Newell's 3-3 goal fest.

Having watched them, all I can do is blame Peratta, Newell's keeper. All he had to do to stop San Lorenzo's second goal was to stand there, the shot was right at him. He was also the one who committed the foul gifting Los Cuervos the penalty for their third.

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree David the penalty didn't exist, san lorenzo's player dived looking for the foul,and lunatti of course bit. I agree on second goal was a perata fault, but defense didn't help him at all. We need to be concentrated, without that mistakes we should win.

I hope we'll finish at top, and lopez go away in december.

Sorry for my bad english David.

Go la lepra !!!!!!!!!!!!

Pepe Lepra