Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guillermo Lorente - The Other Candidate For President Of Newell's Old Boys

Over the weekend I asked if anyone knew of any other candidates for the presidency at Newell's. While no one replied here to that inquire, I also posted that same question in the Andate Lopez! group over on Facebook. Thanks to a reply from one "Rojinegro Carajo," a fellow Facebooker, and member of said group, I have the name of one man who will be opposing the dictator known as Eduardo Lopez.

Guillermo Lorente, from what I've learned, has thrown his hat into the ring. I've done a bit of research, and while my limited spanish only gets me so far, I can tell you that he's currently employed by an orginization called "Fondo de Asistencia Educativa." What I can make out of that is he's a part of Rosario's schoolboard, or the local equivalent. He's also part of a group that calls themselves the "Nuevo Espacio Rojinegro."

Now, if any of this information isn't quite right, please be kind enough to correct me. In writing this article I am in no way endorsing Lorente as a candidate, but I sure as hell don't want to see Lopez holding onto his reign.

Further notes from the San Lorenzo match, Fabbiani collected his 5th yellow card, and now must sit out of the next match. Joining him will be Insaurralde who recieved a direct red card.

Insaurralde had only been starting due to an injury to Spolli, but had claimed the role by playing so well. Having Spolli back in the lineup shouldn't hurt the defense too much, unless his time on the sidelines has effected his form.

Not having Fabbiani, on the other hand, is a huge blow. Hopefully the rest of the team steps up and proves that they can do well enough with out him.

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Anonymous said...

Lorente isn't a strong candidate of course, but the fact is that we have to leave behind Lopez nightmare and start to bulid that club we want, I know for sure that if oposicion wins we'll going to go a hard way. But at least we can have hope for a better future, I think so. I know a lot of lepers feels that way.

lepers regards

Pepe Lepra