Friday, November 7, 2008

Banfield Should Have Been Worth A Point... So Why Did We Lose 2-1?

I missed the first half as the game started just as I was leaving work. Well, actually I kinda saw Diego Torres' freekick towards the end of the half. I got to see the first two goals when they showed half time highlights, Cristian García opened the scoring for Banfield 4 minutes in, Fabbiani tying in the 21st. Marcelo Bustamante scored for Banfield in the 38th, but the feed was buffering as they showed it, so I missed it.

The second half was scoreless. Newell's had a few good opportunities, but so did Banfield. Still, we out shot them, out played them, we just didn't get the goals. This loss in and of itself may well have cost the team all hope of catching the leaders. Well see how they do in their games, but for now, Lanus has leapt over us having beaten Central by the same score.

Now, I know it's still early November, but no sense waiting... what Newell's needs to go after in the Apertura/Clausura break is a true goal scorer. As things are we're creating a lot of chances, but with out a true striker perhaps thinking of a title is asking a bit much.

It's not that it's not possible, mind you. We did it in 2004...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm sad because the game with Banfield, we played a horrible second time. I think that was our last chance to keep anspirations. We got to defeat san lorenzo, hate them.

But I'm happy because our vitory over Sin Aliento.

Go La Lepra !!!!!

Pepe Lepra