Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Newell's vs Arsenal 11-21-08 highlights

Here's a video of the highlights from last weekend's game between Newell's and Arsenal. It includes footage of both of Spolli's yellow cards, and frankly I have to say that, while they were fouls, I do not think either were deserving of such sever punishment.

There's also bits of some interviews at the end. I do not know off hand who the Newell's player that they interview is, but they ask him why Newell's lost. He simply and honestly replies "because we did not play well."

Still, even with out the win, it is not the end of the world. Hopefully Gamboa will be allow to continue the work that he's started, and the players dressing in rojinegro will continue on to form the nuclious of a bright future for Los Leprosos.

That leads me to my biggest fear... with the election coming up in December all kinds of odd things can happen. And then there is the January transfers. As is the way with Futbol Argentino we can expect a few faces to move out, and others to enter the picture.

Lopez could end up retaining his position and punish all those who opposed him by disassembling what is a very good Newell's team. With all the quality players being fielded at the moment it could bring a lot of money... which would no doubt go the same why the fee for Cardozo went.

On a similar vein, if he's replaced, the new man in charge could decide to rid the team of players simply because they were brought in during Eduardo's reign. If that's the case, I'd expect Gamboa could be stripped of his job.

Just thinking about it has me wanting to pull out my hair... and I don't have enough of it left to be doing that kind of thing. Instead, this will be the last I post of such speculation until after the election takes place.

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Anonymous said...

I want lopez out, can't wait till that happen. GO LA LEPRA!!!!