Friday, December 12, 2008

Lorente Interview, MOLE Mailer

Good news on the Gamboa front. In an interview in Clarin, Lorente said, should he win the election he hopes he can count on Gamboa fulfilling his contract.

For those who can read spanish, the full interview can be found here.

All thanks to Lorena Rodriguez, whom e-mailed me the link, along with this one.

Dale Nuls, Dale MOLE, Dale Lorente!

I hope and pray that we can still chant that after the vote on the 14th has been counted.


Jeremy said...

I put a video of the three goals up on my blog. The second was actually a rebound of the Zapata miss, so even though he didn't get it, Newell's did.

David Phillips said...

Yeah, my info was off. Livescore had Bernadello's listed as scored in the first half, while my ESPN Deportes source listed the score correctly, but didn't show Bernadello's goal at all.