Monday, December 1, 2008

Newell's Beat, Take 5th From Vélez

Newell's beat Vélez on Sunday. Unfortunately I had a schedule conflict... family dinners are something one just can't blow off this time of the year, no matter what the cause.

Video of Insuarralde's goal can be seen on Jeremy's blog.

The biggest news, however, was the game between Huracan and San Lorenzo, suspended during the 16th minute. When I first saw that the game had been suspended, and considering the love the fans of these two teams shared for one another, I expected there had been trouble. Instead it was a downpour of rain that threatened to turn the field into a quagmire.

The game will be completed this Wednesday, from what I understand. Huracan are up 1-0, but went down to 10 men when Pastore was sent off 3 minutes before the game was called.


Jeremy said...

David, they don't always have it up in a timely manner, and it can take a while to download, but usually will post the entire game as well as highlights a day or two after the game. I usually download it when I am going to bed and watch it the next day

When it works, you can click on the individual players on the main page and it opens up to a player's page with a few details and a highlight reel if they've been around awhile. Again, only when it works, which doesn't seem to be often.

David Phillips said...

Thanks for the tip, Jeremy. I see what you mean about the downloads being slow. Just downloading Fabbiani's goal against San Lorenzo is taking my setup over 10-15 minutes.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, they aren't reliable, but I have watched several games that I missed over the last couple of seasons, plus highlights. But it beats YouTube when they do put up games and clips.