Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two Games To Go, Three Still In The Chase

The game between Huracán and San Lorenzo was completed at Boca. Huracán's stadium was considered too much of a security risk.

The game picked up with 76 minutes to play, Huracán in the lead 1-0, but down to 10 men. In the end, Los Cuervos polished off their rivals 4-1, bringing them with in 2 points of Boca in first, and tied with Tigre.

With only two games to go we still have an race for the championship between three teams. Lanus, sitting fourth, are still mathematically in the hunt, but 4 points off the pace, and three teams to catch up to will probably be a bit much to ask for. Still, the season has been one where the leaders could have extended the gap between first and second on numerous occations, and failed. One could say that this Apertura will not be won by the team that wants it most, but perhaps simply by the team that stumbled the least.

Of the three fighting for that honor, I'd personally prefer San Lorenzo.

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