Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two More Defenders Sidelined By Injuries

With only two hours before the game against San Martín de Tucumán kicks off, I have to wonder whether or not Newell's defense will be up to the task today. Why, you may ask? Because this week both Schiavi and Re have gone down to injuries that will keep them out of the final two games.

That means that the only healthy starters on defense are Nicolás Spolli, who was sidelined by an early season injury, and Juan Manuel Insaurrald, who wasn't a starter until Spolli was injuried. The expected lineup is as follows:

Sebastián Peratta; Iván Pillud, Nicolás Spolli, Juan Manuel Insaurralde y Juan Quiroga; Gastón Machín, Hernán Bernardello y Leonel Vangioni; Leandro Torres; Diego Torres y Cristian Fabbiani.

Of the two defenders stepping in to fill the breach, Quiroga has seen the most action, having played in 4 games. Pillud will only be making his second appearance of the Apertura. Granted, the fact that the game is against San Martin is a far better time to have to go through this than say Boca Jrs, but it still has me nervous as to how they'll hold up. In about 4 hours, we'll have an answer. 'Til then, hold on to your seats.

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